15 Hour Refresher Course – PA, NY*, FL Salesperson Licensees


This course serves as a 15-hr course for salespersons that are licensed in a state whose pre-licensing requirements are less than New Jersey (75 hours of pre-license education), and who wish to obtain a New Jersey salesperson’s license. It provides relevant and up to date information on the NJ Real Estate Commission’s rules and regulations with an overview of how the brokerage business operates in New Jersey.  It is offered in its entirety as a “complete package” for those candidates that lack the minimum pre-license education hours required for a New Jersey salesperson’s license.  The out-of-state candidates will not receive Continuing Education credit for this course, but will receive a “CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION” that will enable them to take the New Jersey Salesperson Exam.

•   NJ Real Estate Commission (N.J.R.E.C.)
•   Types of Licenses granted by the N.J.R.E.C.
•   Activities requiring a license
•   Fees and the Guaranty Fund
•   License Display, Pocket Card and Continuing 

Education requirements

 *NY Licensees - If licensed prior to July 1, 2008, NY only required 45 hours, therefore you must take an additional 30 hours of a pre-licensed Broker’s course (to meet the 75 hour requirement for NJ). 


•   Introduction and knowledge assessment
•   History and background of Agency
•   N.J.A.C. 11:5-6.9 requirements
•   Office Policy
•   Definition and elements of Agency and Fiduciary duties
•   Vicarious Liability and Sub-agency
•   Buyer Agency
•   Disclosed Dual Agency


  • Knowledge Assessment exercise
    •   History of Fair Housing Laws
    •   Real Estate Brokers and Fair Housing Laws
    •   Working with Sellers and Buyers
    •   Violations vs. Exemptions
    •   Advertising
    •   Office Policy and Procedure
    •   Complaint Procedures and Penalties 


  •    Types of Listings
    •   The Listing Agreement
    •   Multiple Listing Service
    •   CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)
    •   Inspection and Disclosure
    •   Seller Proceeds
    •   Contracts
    •   Attorney Review and Opinion 26
    •   Rebates
    •   Processing the Transaction